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HÖG STANDARD - Om Sonet, folkhemmet och starten för det svenska musikundret
Public parks, smoky jazz clubs and vinyl records. Whoever seeks the embryo for the Swedish music genre can find it at the record company Sonet.
Great Feelings and Meetings - Blues Photography
Blues and R&B photographer Hans Ekestang had his first photo published in 1971, a shot of B.B. King. Today the photographer himself is legendary and holds his own exhibitions. Ths book contains Ekestang´s photos of many international stars among blues and soul.
A deluxe celebration of the record stores in Stockholm during a hundred years. It is packed with facts and beautiful and rare photos. A documentation covering several hundreds of shops selling records – from shellack, vinyl to CD. A beautiful book!
BRITISH BEAT IN SWEDEN – The original vinyls 1957-1969.
396 UK acts had records released in Sweden 1957- 69 with a 45 rpm. or a LP manufactured domestically for the Swedish market. 2.115 records depicted with individual value guide, incl. sleeve colour variations.
EN VÄRLD AV FILMISAR! – Illustrerad samlarguide över våra älskade filmstjärnor!
Superb new book on MOVIECARDS covering 14 000+ moviecards, all classified with its individual rarity rating among today´s collectors. All 106 Swedish-sold moviecard series in the standard format presented in detail. 448 pages. 3 500+ pictures. Bonus: 8 original moviecards + a poster!
RICHARD CAHLÉN - Ett liv med kändisar i fokus.
For 40 years, photographer Richard Cahlén watched thousands of music and nightclubs with film and theater premiere in Stockholm's entertainment world. The 400+ photographs of the book reflect a joyful Stockholm from the 1970s to the 80s and 90s, as the city is transformed into today's international entertainment metropolis. Then the clubs were called Atlantic and Alexandra's.
PUNKLYRIK – Svenska punktexter 1977 – 1982
In Peter Kagerlands ”Punklyrik”, he presents 160 punk lyrics from 1977-1982. The bands themselves comment on the background to their lyrics and why they were written; what reactions they got and how they look upon them today. Many of the punk lyrics are reproduced in full! This first edition comes with a 22 track CD.
THE PHILLY SOUND – Philadelphia Soul Music and its R&B Roots: From Gospel & Bandstand to TSOP
HOW PHILLY BECAME THE EPICENTER OF BLACK MUSIC. This meticulously researched book tells the remarkable story of music entrepreneurs, record labels, studios all of which contributed to what became known as The Philly Sound.

Marsch 15, 2019
45 rpm back in stock
Now the book "The UK 45 rpm sleeves" is back in stock
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Nov 15, 2018
Big congratulations Hans!
The photographer Hans Ekestang gets great international recognition! The Blues Foundation in Memphis, has decided to award the 2019 "Keeping The Blues Alive" award to the Swede.
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Aug 1, 2018
The Philly Sound
TV doc. on The Sound of Philadelphia.
Read more and watch teaser film here

June 18, 2017
New address
On June 19th you will find us at Parmmätargatan 11, located at Kungsholmen in Stockholm city. The closest subway is Rådhuset. Click here for more info

March 30, 2017
No more delivery to Switzerland
Due to problems with the Swiss custom, and high custom fees for the customer, we have now decided that orders from our website with delivery to Switzerland no longer will be available. Please contact us for more information.

Okt 13, 2016
The Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan!
Now is the time to learn a little more about our new Literature Prize winner! Therefore, we celebrate with special price on ”Visa Mig Vinden - Bob Dylan I Sverige” by Göran Holmquist.The offer is valid until December 10! Or as long as supplies last.
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Sep 7, 2016
The Philly Sound on Facebook!
Visit the official Facebook page of The Philly Sound book. Filled with photos, music, videos and other interesting info on this much talked about new book.
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