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PUNKLYRIK – Svenska punktexter 1977 – 1982
In Peter Kagerlands ”Punklyrik”, he presents 160 punk lyrics from 1977-1982. The bands themselves comment on the background to their lyrics and why they were written; what reactions they got and how they look upon them today. Many of the punk lyrics are reproduced in full! This first edition comes with a 22 track CD.
THE PHILLY SOUND – Philadelphia Soul Music and its R&B Roots: From Gospel & Bandstand to TSOP
HOW PHILLY BECAME THE EPICENTER OF BLACK MUSIC. This meticulously researched book tells the remarkable story of music entrepreneurs, record labels, studios all of which contributed to what became known as The Philly Sound.
RESAN MOT ROCKENS RÖTTER - Mr. R&B räddar ett musikaliskt världsarv
Kotschack tells the story of how Swedish music enhusiast Jonas Bernholm during the 1970’s and ’80’s became known as Mr. R&B to the music world. Bernholm’s passion for black music was the driving force to re-establish true pioneers like Roy Brown, Ruth Brown and other legends.
VI HAR INGENTING ATT GÖRA – Musiken, artisterna och ungdomen på Oxelösunds fritidsgård 1965-79
Stunning coffee table buster about the exquisite music scene at a typical Swedish youth club during the Sixties and Seventies. All lavishly researched and documented in this superbly large format book! You´ll love it!
AC/DC Love at First Feel - The legendary AC/DC tour of Sweden in 1976
This is the unbelievable story of when a raw, dirty and explosive band from Australia visited an unexpecting Sweden for the first time! This first edition contains a unique 12-hoto kit featuring Angus in Stockholm by photographer Hans Hatwig.
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 1 (av 2)
This is an absurd, truthful and a bit rich story in two parts about the eccentric John-Henry Sager, Stockholm's most affluent man, and his young German protégé Hans Hatwig, on a burlesque upper class trip in Sweden during the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 2 (av 2)
Hans Hatwigs Dual Memoir part 2. The trip with the eccentric John-Henry Sager continues through convents, pornography, Umeå, OKEJ and Austria among other things. Read the exciting end of Hatwig and Sagers journey, led from Sagers grave…
Världen känner Elvis Presley – men ingen känner mig
An interesting portrait which casts new light on the biggest artist in history! This entertaining reading is an uncensored celebration of a great hero, by informed guest writers. The book is also fully illustrated with many unique photos. English and Swedish version.

March 30, 2017
No more delivery to Switzerland
Due to problems with the Swiss custom, and high custom fees for the customer, we have now decided that orders from our website with delivery to Switzerland no longer will be available. Please contact us for more information.

Okt 13, 2016
The Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan!
Now is the time to learn a little more about our new Literature Prize winner! Therefore, we celebrate with special price on ”Visa Mig Vinden - Bob Dylan I Sverige” by Göran Holmquist.The offer is valid until December 10! Or as long as supplies last.
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Sep 7, 2016
The Philly Sound on Facebook!
Visit the official Facebook page of The Philly Sound book. Filled with photos, music, videos and other interesting info on this much talked about new book.
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Sep 7, 2016
"Rockens rötter" t-shirt?
All necessary accessories to the book "Resan mot rockens rötter". Select and order t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. directly in the shop.
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"Rockens rötter" on Facebook!
Author Jan Kotschack has a Facebook page to his book "Resan mot rockens rötter". Lots of extra stuff. Well worth a visit!
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