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VI HAR INGENTING ATT GÖRA – Musiken, artisterna och ungdomen på Oxelösunds fritidsgård 1965-79
Stunning coffee table buster about the exquisite music scene at a typical Swedish youth club during the Sixties and Seventies. All lavishly researched and documented in this superbly large format book! You´ll love it!
The memoars from late Swedish jazzlegend / pianist Rune Öfwerman – a man full of stories from his many miles on the road with Swedish and Int´l jazz elite, it was just Charlie Parker that never got around touring with Rune...
AC/DC Love at First Feel - The legendary AC/DC tour of Sweden in 1976
This is the unbelievable story of when a raw, dirty and explosive band from Australia visited an unexpecting Sweden for the first time! This first edition contains a unique 12-hoto kit featuring Angus in Stockholm by photographer Hans Hatwig.
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 1 (av 2)
This is an absurd, truthful and a bit rich story in two parts about the eccentric John-Henry Sager, Stockholm's most affluent man, and his young German protégé Hans Hatwig, on a burlesque upper class trip in Sweden during the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 2 (av 2)
Hans Hatwigs Dual Memoir part 2. The trip with the eccentric John-Henry Sager continues through convents, pornography, Umeå, OKEJ and Austria among other things. Read the exciting end of Hatwig and Sagers journey, led from Sagers grave…
Världen känner Elvis Presley – men ingen känner mig
An interesting portrait which casts new light on the biggest artist in history! This entertaining reading is an uncensored celebration of a great hero, by informed guest writers. The book is also fully illustrated with many unique photos. English and Swedish version.
Stora Popboxen Volume I
Swedish pop 1964 – 1969

The Best of Swedish 60´s Beat in a solid deluxe 4-CD boxset!! 100 acts! 108 fully re-mastered tracks! 16 previously unreleased recordings!
The Heaviest Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Ever!
The third and by far the biggest encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy metal. The ultimate guide to the Swedish Hard rock jungle! Incl. a unique Bonus CD!



Svensktoppen i våra hjärtan
(with Bonus CD)
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Elvis - Kung av Sverige
Incl. unique bonus-CD!
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