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AC/DC Love at First Feel - The legendary AC/DC tour of Sweden in 1976
This is the unbelievable story of when a raw, dirty and explosive band from Australia visited an unexpecting Sweden for the first time! This first edition contains a unique 12-hoto kit featuring Angus in Stockholm by photographer Hans Hatwig.
OLYMPEN – artisterna, publiken, betongen
How a banned handball arena became the hottest international rock arena in southern Sweden!
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 1 (av 2)
This is an absurd, truthful and a bit rich story in two parts about the eccentric John-Henry Sager, Stockholm's most affluent man, and his young German protégé Hans Hatwig, on a burlesque upper class trip in Sweden during the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Miljardären som visste för mycket del 2 (av 2)
Hans Hatwigs Dual Memoir part 2. The trip with the eccentric John-Henry Sager continues through convents, pornography, Umeå, OKEJ and Austria among other things. Read the exciting end of Hatwig and Sagers journey, led from Sagers grave…
Världen känner Elvis Presley – men ingen känner mig
An interesting portrait which casts new light on the biggest artist in history! This entertaining reading is an uncensored celebration of a great hero, by informed guest writers. The book is also fully illustrated with many unique photos. English and Swedish version.
The ABBA Guide to Stockholm (English)
Follow in the foot steps of Sweden's biggest popband! This guide book takes you to more than 60 important ABBA places in and around Stockholm. Expanded & Revised!
Charlie Parker i Sverige - med en avstickare till Köpenhamn
This is the story about Charlie Parker´s visit in Sweden. The author lets us come real close to Bird, not least through many unique photos never before published.
Stora Popboxen Volume I
Swedish pop 1964 – 1969

The Best of Swedish 60´s Beat in a solid deluxe 4-CD boxset!! 100 acts! 108 fully re-mastered tracks! 16 previously unreleased recordings!

Premium at the Göteborg Book Fair!

Premium at the Hova fair!

The world knows Elvis Presley well received in Australia

The King Elvis 80 years!

New book about Elvis Presley!

The ABBA Guide, now Expanded and Revised!

Janne Stark and The Heaviest Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Ever in Japan!

The UK 45 rpm Sleeves is one of the Books of 2013, according to Record Collector!

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